How to add a DNS record in freenom domain registrar



Types of DNS records

A DNS record type

The A-record is the most basic and the most commonly used DNS record type.

It is used to translate human friendly domain names such as “” into IP-addresses such as (machine friendly numbers).

The IP-address should be public.

Lets configure the A DNS record to forward the domain to public IP-address

I already have a server with nginx webserver installed on public IP-address

Lets see the nginx home page in browser using public IP-address


Now we can go to Freenom website to add the A DNS record

Go to website freenom

Sign in using Google

Click on Services –> My Domains


Click on Manage Domains


Click on Manage Freenom DNS


Type www in Name feild –> which will point to root domain

Type your public IP-address in Tartget feild

Click on Save Changes


DNS record added successfully.


Wait for 5 minutes to take effect.

Now we can access the nginx webserver homepage using domain in browser


Hurray! finally we accessed the nginx webserver homepage using domain name.