How it works ?

Create a Freestyle Job called Seed Job and define the Job DSL script.

In the Seed JOb use the Process Job DSLs step to execute the Job DSL script to create a required job with all necessary configurations.

Job DSL script can be defined in two ways:

  • Directly hardcoding in the Seed Job
  • Store the Job DSL script in git repository and refer it in

Job DSL script is a groovy script which uses the Job DSL plugin to define the structure.

Job DSL script Reference:


  • Seed Jenkins plugin should be installed in Jenkins.


Creating Seed Job by declaring Job DSL script in Job itself

From Jenkins dashboard click on New Item create one Freeststyle project named Seed JOb

def gitUrl = ""

job("MyProject-Build") {
    description "Builds MyProject from master branch."
    parameters {
        stringParam('COMMIT', 'HEAD', 'Commit to build')
    scm {
        git {
            remote {
                url gitUrl.
                branch "origin/master"
            extensions {
                localBranch master
    steps {
        shell "Look: I'm building master!"