By default, Jenkins starts on port number 8080

You can access the Jenkins by opening the ip-address:8080 E.g. localhost:8080 (if it’s installed locally) from the browser

Get the initialAdminPassword from a file located in <strong>/var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword</strong>

Change to root user and open the <strong>/var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword</strong> file to get the password

cat /var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword
ubuntu@jenkins-test:~$ sudo su
[sudo] password for ubuntu: 
root@jenkins-test:/home/ubuntu# cat /var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword


After entering the password click on continue

Click on Install suggested plugins

This will automatically install the necessary plugins for Jenkins

Enter the username, password, Fullme, E-mail address and click on Save and Continue

Click on Save and Finish

Click on Start using Jenkins

Jenkins initial setup is complete, you should see the Jenkins Dashboard now