Difference between git merge and git rebase

Difference between git fetch and git pull

If you run git pull, whether it will fetch all branches ?

While doing the git pull how do you rebase ?

How do you do the merge of feature branch and from which branch ?

switch to the merging branch(base branch from where the feature branch was created, mostly master branch), then run git merge feature(branch_name)

After merging whether it will create a separate commit ?

If there is no commits in the merging branch(from the point the feature branch was created or from the last merge from the same branch), it wont create a new commit(commits from feature branch will be merged to master branch), which is called fast-forward merging.

If commits happened in the merging branch, then while merging it will create additional one commit(commits from feature branch + one additional commit for merging) This is referred as 3-way-merge.


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