To install helm chart

helm install -f myvalues.yaml myredis ./redis
or helm install --set name=prod myredis ./redis
or helm install --set-string long_int=1234567890 myredis ./redis
or helm install --set-file myredis ./redis

To install helm charts on specific namespace

helm install -f myvalues.yaml myredis ./redis -n nemespace_name

Which has highest Precedence if we pass multiple values.yaml

we can pass multiple values.yaml or –set , but which is the rightmost will have the precedence

helm install -f myvalues.yaml -f override.yaml  myredis ./redis


helm install -f myvalues.yaml myredis ./redis --dry-run

To delete helm chart

helm uninstall release_name
helm uninstall release_name --dry-run
helm uninstall release_name -n namespace_name (To delete helm chart which was installed on specific namespace)

To list the installed charts

helm list
helm list -n namespace_name (To list installed helm charts on specific namespace)

To timeout the helm install command

helm install -f values.yaml test . -n cnf --timeout 20s  (Default is 5 minutes if we didn't pass the --timeout parameter)

To get the config file(manifest) which we used during helm install

helm get manifest release_name
helm get manifest release_name -n namespace_name

To add a helm chart repo

helm repo add [NAME] [URL] [flags]
helm repo add bitnami

helm repo add - add a chart repository
helm repo index - generate an index file given a directory containing packaged charts
helm repo list - list chart repositories
helm repo remove - remove one or more chart repositories
helm repo update - update information of available charts locally from chart repositories

To search helm charts in that repo

helm search repo repo-name (eg. helm search repo bitnami/)

To search for mongodb chart

helm search repo bitnami/mango

To install helm plugin

helm plugin install

To list installed plugin

helm plugin list

To add helm official stable repo

helm repo add stable

To download only the values.yaml from chart

helm inspect values repo_name/chart_name > /tmp/values.yam (eg. helm inspect values stable/jenkins > /tmp/values.yaml)