How to install JenkinsX 3 in Kubernetes


Install jx cli

You can install jx cli either in your workstation(where your kubectl is configured) or Kubernetes master node

Official Documentation

On Linux
curl -L | tar xzv
chmod +x jx 
sudo mv jx /usr/local/bin
On Windows

Download the binary, extract it and add binary location to PATH environment variable

Download Link

Create Github Personal access token

Click here to create a Github PAT

Create a Jenkinsx git-ops repository from template

Click here to create a git-ops repository from template

Type the repository name eg: jx-gitops

Clone the newwly created repo to workstation

clone the repository to local workstation

git clone

Update the configuration files

Update your domain in domain: section in jx-requirements.yml file


Install Gitops operator

jx admin operator --username <your-github-username> --token <your-github-PAT>


jx admin operator --username <your-github-username> --token <your-github-PAT>