Issues Faced in Jenkins

Docker commands not working in freestyle job and in jenkins pipeline

Add jenkins user to docker group and restart the jenkins server(Restart using systemctl/service command)

kubectl command not working when using as commands in Freestyle/pipeline/ansibble-playbook, if kubernetes plugin is used, it will handle the configuration

create .kube diretory in jenkins home directory and copy the config file to .kube folder

Forget the admin password

Go to /var/lib/jenkins/config.xml and change the true to “false” (eg. false) Now jenkins will not ask for username/password, go to manage jenkins –> create new password –> Go to /var/lib/jenkins/config.xml and change the true to “true” Now jenkins will start asking for username/password

Unknowingly assigned the read only role to admin user and not able to see anything in Jenkins UI after login

Open the /var/lib/jenkins/config.xml move the admin user to read only role to admin role and restart the jenkins