Git basics

To see files tracked in staging area

git ls-files

To undo the changes from staging area

git reset HEAD filename

Git log

git log –oneline –graph –decorate

–oneline –> will show the logs in one line for each commit

–graph –> show the branch in graph

–decorate –> shows the tags and branches

git log –since=”3 days ago” (To show logs of last 3 days)

To see commits happend in specific file

git log – fileame

To know the diff from commit hash

git show commit-hash

To set alias for git commands

git config –global alias.ALIAS_NAME(gitlog) “log –all –oneline –graph –decorate”

Excluding unwanted files and folders

create .gitignore and commit. we can put our filename, foldername or regular expression to ignore the files


Create two branch master and feature. do 2 commits in each branch, you are currently in feature and not planning to merge the feature branch commits to master, but instead wants the two commits from master branch to be synced with this feature branch.

git rebase master

Git help

git help command(pull, push, stash)

Cherry-pick (To take one commit from one branch and apply to another branch)

Create two branch master and feature, do one commit in master, switch to feature do two commits, now you want to take the one commit from feature to master branch and dont want to disturb the feature branch, now switch to the master branch run “git cherry-pick commit_id” (commit-id from feature branch)

To clone only the single branch

git clone –single-branch –branch branch_name github_url

git clone –single-branch –branch release-1.3