How to create free Github Account and Github repositories

Github –> Github is a open source platform to store source code in central place (cloud

Git –> Git is a command line utility, which is installed in our computer to connect to Github.

How to create Github account

Go to

Click on Signup git

Enter the email id, password, username verify the puzzle and click on Create account then you will recieve verification mail with link in your inbox.




Click on the link received on your mail for complete the email verification. Once the email verification is completed, login to

After login, click on Create repository to create a first repository in Github.

In Github, the repository is used to store the source code files.


Enter the repository name eg: firstproject and select the repository type as public or private

public –> Anybody can see the repository and its files from github. Anybody can clone you project.

private –> The repository and its files are only visible to you. Need username and password for cloning.


Click the check box Add a README file file is used to tell about your repository, like for what purpose you have created this reposirory.


The content in your will be shown in your repository home page.

Now you have only one file in your repository


How to install git in linux operating system

Ubuntu Run the following command to install git in ubuntu operating system

sudo apt update
sudo apt install git

Centos Run the following command to install git in Centos operating system

sudo yum update
sudo yum install git

How to check the version of git

git --version

How to clone(download) the repository from Github to local computer

Go to your repository –> click on code –> make sure https is selected –> copy the url


In your terminal type git clone and your copied url

git clone


Now we have successfully created the repository in github and cloned that repository to our local computer.